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Marquee and Temporary Structure and Security Road Blocks Weights

Tel: 07714 571502
Concrete Barrier Hire
Concrete barriers are a quick and easy way to control traffic flows, securing and shielding road works, shopping centres (shopping centre barriers), building sites (building site barriers) and for providing a safe walk way for public social distancing on pavements. In addition they are an effective solution to preventing trespassing on your property, including fly tipping, travellers and vandals.

Our blocks are also designed to secure temporary structures and Concrete Barrier Hire can provide ballast, from marquees, pop-ups and stretch tents and gazebos including temporary warehouses. No need for different types of block, our blocks are versatile and can be also used for security road blocks and deterrents.

We stock a range of concrete weights 500kg – 1000kg which are ideal when hosting a corporate event or a private event when you need to weight down a marquee or temporary structure.
Concrete Barrier Hire 

Ideal for securing scaffolding and facade retention.

Delivering the ballast / blocks is quick and easy, they can be lifted using a forklift and manoeuvred using an all terrane or pallet truck under the block.

500kg - 1000kg concrete weights are a non-invasive counterweight, designed to be used as a deterrent for parking in restricted and unauthorised spaces, being used for roadblocks or deterring entry to private roads and events, also security boundaries around cafes and outdoor hospitality where seating is hindered by traffic.
Concrete Barrier Hire 

Versatile - use on ground that cannot be staked or drilled.

Blue or white 3m ratchet straps available.

Installation service available

Manual all-terrain pump trucks supplied (hirer will be responsible for security)

If the customer can unload the vehicle at site, we can deliver a maximum weight of 16,000 KG on a single lorry. This equates to approximately:

80 x 200KG ballast blocks
32 x 480KG ballast blocks
16 x 1000KG ballast blocks

If Concrete Barrier Hire unload the blocks at site we can carry 14,000 KG, which equates to approximately:

70 x 200KG ballast blocks
28 x 4800KG ballast blocks
14 x 1000KG ballast blocks
Concrete Barrier Hire 


Blocks will be collected from the point of delivery at the end of the hire period.


The cost of repairs to damaged blocks, including replacement costs for any that are damaged beyond economical repair, will be invoiced to the customer.

Download Marquee Block 1100kg Data Sheet

Download Marquee Block 480kg Data Sheet
Concrete Barrier Hire