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You didn’t think you could

stay here forever just enjoying yourself did you? If only life were so simple.

Sadly the time has come to upgrade the old one, look for a new one, take on a temporary one, or search for a more suitable one. We are of course talking jobs, and realising that you can’t enjoy all of our other listings without earning a little of the green stuff, What’s on are only too willing to help you find the position most suited to your talents.

We’ve split our recruitment section into a number of experience-based headers to help you find the role or agency you are looking for. White collar, blue collar or dog collar, there will be something there for you.

In the meantime I’m off to do a little searching for myself on the advice of my boss and based on my command of the English language… now, which heading would butchery come under?

If you are looking for a job or you have a job vacancy you will find it here.